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About Us

By combining unique skills and talents from numerous fields, Hoverture is the partner of choice for small and medium businesses when it comes to digital transformation, cloud adoption, value through technology, rethinking IT and revenue creation. We are a group of executives from international enterprises, consultants for exciting, innovative solutions, CTOs, founders of start-ups as well as award-winning engineers. Our combined expertise will ensure your company’s success by supporting you on your journey towards digitisation.

Making Your Business future-proof

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Your ROI is our KPI

At Hoverture, we believe in value through innovation: as our client, we want you to focus on your business needs and achieve your goals with a unique digital solution that fits your individual needs. Your success is our central objective.

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What Our clients Value

Client Centricity

We deliver bespoke professional services by jointly exploring your targets and requirements while keeping an open mind regarding methods and solutions best suited to your individual needs.

Leading Experts

Hoverture consists of executives, architects, consultants and engineers with established track records. We have been active in the cloud market even before it was called cloud, working on projects with some of the world’s most known companies including with Accenture, Fiverr, Sky Deutschland, Babbel and

Cross-Sector Knowledge

Our team combines specialised experience from a wide range of industries and sectors – such as Fintech, Retail and E-Commerce, Services and Consulting, Automotive as well as Media, Telecommunication and Entertainment – with a set of interdisciplinary approaches to create the best customised solution for you.


Whether our assessment suggests clear, actionable next steps or a complex implementation project, we will advance your business needs and provide real added value.

Hoverture Locations

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Hoverture’s place of birth, Germany’s tech hub and home to global players, medium-sized companies and small businesses alike.

Mauerkircherstrasse 22
81679 Munich

Hoverture’s second foothold, vibrant metropolis on its way to becoming one of the leading innovation and high-tech locations.

Friedrichstraße 68
c/o Mindspace, Office 723, 10117 Berlin

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Hoverture is part of the Symphonie Prime Group that provides international, multicultural and multi-skilled best in class expertise
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Adi Hochmann, CTO

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